maemul tamuru

Maamoul Dates are crisp and delicious, a crisp dough of flour and butter and stuffed with soft dates

bskwyt ghuribuh alfastq

A soft dough of flour, butter, sugar and pistachios, topped with a delicious cream

Sweet Cup Mix

Sweet sweets, flavors, covered with cream and caramel layers

Arugula salad

Mix fresh vegetables, watercress leaves and lettuce with feta cheese and pomegranate With special sauce with a distinct flavor

Mix salads

Cups formed from a variety of authorities. Fattoush, urine and or fatah

fath khidar

A mixture of vegetables and sauce covered with a distinctive robe hook

mushakil kasat

A mix of layered cake, cake, latte and capillary

Swwet mango

Sweet mango is a layer of biscuit, cream and mango sauce

Traiffl mango

Layers of cake, cream and manu sauce stuffed with manga pieces

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